MACQUEZA Guide: Top 5 Skincare Products for Oily Skin

No matter your skin type, figuring out what complements your skin is always complicated. For me, my oily skin is always my no.1 skin concern and I am always on the look-out for the latest skincare product that will help my sebum production.  These are the products that I have tried and personally felt that […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Aquazene Effector

I wish I could just have a skincare cheat sheet that tells me what products I should use and I can just follow it forever and ever.  Skincare is so hard to navigate especially when your skin just acts up for no reason at all. Or when your skin type just changes without as much […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Aqua Refreshing Fluid

Oily skin & large pores come hand in hand. If you are troubled with oily skin, you most likely have large pores as well. As if dealing with oily skin isn’t tough enough, am I right? If you have oily skin like me, you’ll understand the pain of trying to get it under control.  A lot […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Aquaseal Soothing Tonic

Toners are possibly the most underappreciated beauty product of all time. Believe it or not, most of my friends around me don’t know the importance of toners at all.  I have to say I’m guilty of this too. My toners are very interchangeable. I often changed accordingly to whichever brand comes out with a newer […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell 5.5 pH Balancing Micro Cleansing Foam

I have never been picky with the type of cleanser that I used and so, I have just been jumping from cleanser to cleanser for the past few years.  It wasn’t until recently when I was more aware of the type of skincare product that is more suitable for my skin. Just FYI, my skin […]


The most dreadful part of my day has always been removing makeup after the entire day of being outside. (Not to mention that there is always a new method of removing your makeup.)

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Aqua Enzyme Peeling Essence

I started using this for about a month and now it has become a must-have in my skincare routine.  I had a pretty bad breakout – actually, my worst breakout ever – a few months ago. It lasted for a few weeks and it also left scars so I’ve been trying to get rid of […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Sensitive Brush Mascara

Mascara is definitely a beauty product that is tricky for me.  I have really weak lashes so most of the time my lashes can’t hold mascara for an entire day so I always get panda eyes around noon.  Since I have thin lashes, mascara with big wands don’t work for me. I find it very […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Slip Velvet Rouge

This week, I’ll be doing another review on lipsticks! Lipsticks are truly my favourite products to do a review on because it just feels like I’ve new lipsticks without having to spend any money. 

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Milchak Cover Cushion

This is the first cushion I tried that I ended up liking. I have never understood why all my friends around me love using cushion because the ones that I tried never look good on my skin. It was either too cakey, too glowy or settled weirdly.  Then I tried Giverny Milchak Cover Cushion last […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Milchak Moisture Boosting Primer

Anyone who knows me knows I’m the worst with primers…I basically don’t use them at all. But when it comes to events or days that I have to look presentable for long hours, primers are suddenly my BFF.  The only reason I don’t really reach for primers is because it doesn’t work for my skin. […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Slip Melting Rouge

Anyone who knows me knows that my number one weakness is lipsticks. If there is one makeup product I can’t stop myself from gravitating towards, its lipstick. I’m someone that visits drugstore on a regular basis just to see if there are any new lipstick collection. (I know, I’m that lipstick addict.)

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Power Lasting Sunblock

Sunblock has got to be one of the products that I’m constantly changing. It seems like almost every other month that I’ve a new favorite sunblock. And this month, it’s the Giverny Power Lasting Sunblock.  I first heard of this when my friend said that this can brighten your skin without leaving a weird white […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Milchak Sebum Pact

Having oily skin and easily clogged pores is a tough area to navigate.  I get milia seeds easily and a lot of products actually caused milia seeds to appear around my eye area. And using setting powder or ‘baking’ is out of the question since it’s the easiest way for my pores to get clogged.  […]

MACQUEZA Review: Sensitive Perfect Brush Liner

Reviewing this liquid eyeliner definitely forces me to practice my eyeliner skills. Before this, my liquid eyeliner was all over the place and not straight at all. If there is an opposite word of “on fleek”, it’ll be that.  But after reviewing this and trying many, many times, I think my eyeliner skills is finally […]

MACQUEZA Review: Acwell Dermild Sun Control Stick

If you didn’t know already, most sunscreen wear off after 2 hours. Since this is Singapore we are talking about here, we all have to up our SPF game.  

MACQUEZA Review: Giverny Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow

Who doesn’t love glitter and blings?! But if you use glitter eyeshadow, you would know how annoying it is when glitter chunks just fall out of your eyelid mid-day.  I am not a big fan of huge glitter chunks or glitter, in general. But the glitter in this eyeshadow is so fine that its mesmerising. […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Night Repair Cream

Having an oily skin seems to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Blessing because people with oily skin tend to look more youthful. But it’s also a curse since people with oily skin tend to have acne-prone skin as well. And I was blessed with both.  Trying to find products that […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Using Acwell Super Spot Clear For A Week

I know I just uploaded a blogpost review on the acwell super spot clear but on my previous post, I only had the chance to use it for a few days so the before vs after wasn’t very obvious.  So, I decided to use it a bit longer this time round. Mainly because my pimples […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Super spot Clear

I still have some leftover pigmentations as well as 3 pimples from my recent breakout – which has been my worst one yet. I don’t know why I didn’t review this sooner but I’m finally doing it now! 

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell UV Cut Cool Down Sun Block SPF50+ PA++++

This newly launched sunblock is my new obsession. When Acwell first launched their UV Cut series, I was definitely attracted to the Natural Sun Cushion first since this concept is still relatively new in Singapore.  As I explore the rest of the UV Cut series, I was intrigued by this because of the claim that […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Power-Proof Slim Liner

The first time I tried this eyeliner, I fell in love.  Eyeliners have always seemed daunting to me and I have never really ventured out to explore. (If you can’t tell already, I’m the type to just stick to what I love.) But I told myself, “you know what, it’s 2019. Let’s be more adventurous.” […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell AC Return Toning Pad

Toning pads have recently took the spotlight in the Korean skincare world. These toning pads are god send for those who are lazy to exfoliate physically (aka me).  This toning pad comes with two sides, an embossed and a smooth side for mild exfoliation. This is specifically for acne care as it contains natural AHA, […]


If you don’t know where to start with a skincare routine, just know that the basic skincare routine can be done in just 3 basic steps: cleanser, toner & moisturizer.  I use to have combination skin but throughout the years, my skin slowly transition into oily skin. Which means when I buy moisturizer, I’ve to […]


If you are an amateur at makeup like me, this will be your new holy grail. (trust me, it’s mine.) Giverny recently came out with a new eyeshadow called the Milchak One Shot Shadow. Like it’s name, this shadow is suppose to be done in one shot. 

Macqueza #TheRealReel

Surprise! Macqueza is launching a brand new campaign, #TheReelReal. This newly launch campaign was solely created to get your real and honest opinions on the products we carry.  So, how does this work?  Basically, we will choose a featured product every month and if you want to receive a brand new free product, all you […]

MACQUEZA Review: Acwell 5.5 Super-Fit Mask

Acwell came out with new range of mask called the 5.5 Super-Fit. It has four different formulas; calming, purifying, brightening & super moist! I tried 3 of it so you don’t have to! (P/s: I didn’t try the super moist formula because I already have oily skin. If I tried it, I’m gonna break out […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell 5.5 pH Balancing Micellar Deep Cleansing Water

There are so many micellar cleansing waters on the market now I don’t even know where to start. When it first came into Singapore, I was so intrigued. But I put off buying it since I wanted to see if it’s really as good as its advertised.  Who would have known that a few months […]

MACQUEZA Review: All-Day Velvet Lip Mousse

I am very well-adversed in the world of lipstick. It’s one of the things that I absolutely have no control over. Currently, I am a proud owner of a drawer full of lipsticks.

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Anti-Mark Gel Cream

What is the one thing you find is the most annoying thing about pimples? For me, it’s definitely the scar it left after that. (Is it just me or these scars just won’t go away?!) I do always tend to reach for brightening skin mask. 

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Milchak Chiffon Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 02 Natural

I have never tried a CC cushion and I don’t know why. While everyone just went crazy for cushion ever since it came to Singapore, I just stick to what I normally use.  I think when they first came to Singapore, I was really excited like everyone else & went to checked out the CC […]


This week, I’ll be reviewing the Giverny Milchak Cover Concealer! My first few makeup product is a concealer & I’ve sticked with the first one I used ever since. And it wasn’t because I don’t try other brands, if you know me, you know I’m always buying new makeup products. But, somehow or rather, I just […]

10 Beauty Mistakes I Learn By 21

I learn my lesson with these 10 beauty mistakes. I started getting interested in makeup when I was 15 years old but my mom wasn’t into makeup so I had very limited makeup products to play with. I still had fun though!  I still remember my first makeup product: an eyebrow pencil. There were definitely […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell UV Cut Natural Sun Cushion

Sun cushions seems to be the next trend in the Korean beauty community. So, of course, we gotta ride the wave and do a little review as well.  Applying sunscreen daily was one of the habits my mom instilled in me since I was a child. So, I have used a lot of sunscreens. But […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell AC-Defence Ampule

I have never been a face mist kind of person, the idea of spraying my face with water just does not appeal to me. But I’ve gotta say, Acwell AC-Defence Ampule has changed me. I can definitely see myself reaching for it now.  But before I tell you about what I like about this, let […]

Clean Beauty: A New Standard In Beauty Industry

You heard of sustainable fashion, now make way for clean beauty. Once again, millennials and Gen Zs are leading a new standard in the beauty industry.  More and more brands are becoming more transparent because of millennials and Gen Zs. The conversation on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle was only because it started as […]

2019 Summer Instagram Makeup Trends

Like many millennials, my favourite past-time is scrolling Instagram. (At least now I have a valid reason, it’s part of my job description.)[…]

I Put Acwell AC-Defence Ampule to the test against Two Other Brands

Before I tell you what the test conclude, I just want to say…I have zero expectations going into this.  For those who are as clueless as me on face mist, here is a quick summary just for you & for those who are always keeping up with the trend, […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser

Before I get into my review, let me tell you a bit more about my skin & skincare journey. My skin is a combination of oily & specific areas of my skin are sensitive. I have been using the same cleanser from Hadalabo for years now. Usually, when I find something that works for me[…]

How to build your very own morning & night time routine

For the longest time ever, my morning & night skincare routine consist of me washing my face and slapping on aloe vera. It wasn’t until late last year that I read up on a morning & night skincare routine & fully understand it. Till now, I’m still slowly learning what works for my skin. Following […]

Pores 101: what are pores, factors that enlarged our pores, clogged pores & how to unclogged it

At one point in our lives, we were obsessed with pores. For me, it was when I entered polytechnic, when I became more self-conscious of how I looked and presented myself. This is how I went down into the rabbit hole we all called pores. I read so many articles, reviews of products. I don’t […]

#60SecondRule: Is It Worth All This Trouble?

I tried washing my face 60 seconds for 1 week. This is my experience of trying the #60SecondRule and whether I think it’s worth it. But before I continue, if you miss my article introducing the #60SecondRule, here is the summary: The #60SecondRule is created by Nayamka Roberts-Smith, a beautician. Washing your face for 60 […]

All The Things You Need To Know About The #60SecondRule

Before you ask: no, the 60 second rule has nothing to do with dropping your food and picking it up within 60 seconds so you can continue eating it like nothing happened. So, what’s the 60 second rule actually about? It started with a beautician telling her online followers the benefits to cleansing your face […]


For me, the toughest part of having a skincare routine is finding the right applicator. This is especially hard for liquids such as toners. I tried many different types of cotton pads from various beauty brands and I ended up with drugstore cotton pads out of convenience and pricing. Every day, I use about 4 […]

Introduction To GLOV

After a long day at work, removing makeup is often the last thing on your mind. As you begrudgingly drag your callused feet to the bathroom, you think to yourself ‘how I wish my makeup would magically disappear off my face.’ Or is that just me? Enter GLOV, a make up remover that requires little […]

Unconventional Beauty Gurus

Fresh off our collaboration with @thatericboy at our make up demonstration three weeks ago (has it been that long already?), we have decided to continue in the same vein and turn the focus on beauty gurus this week. In our digital age, you can find everything online and that includes makeup as well. I can […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (this Sunday to be exact), and we’re sure some of you still haven’t gotten anything for the most important woman in your life! Fear no more, Macqueza is here to make the gift giving process just that little bit easier. Hence, we have put together a curated list […]

Macqueza x thatericboy Make Up Workshop

As a primary online retailer, we rarely get the chance to showcase our products in a retail space. We have had the occasional counter here and there, but this was our first fully fledged pop up store. To kick things off, we decided to host a make up workshop with local influencer, @thatericboy. What […]

The Importance of Daily Masking

Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye and Dara – what do they all have in common, besides being impeccably gorgeous? The secret to their good looks lies in using a sheet mask every single day. When it comes to beauty, there is no room for laziness and Korean actresses take it to the next level. […]

Best skincare products that nourish your skin

How many of you will look at the list of ingredients of a product before buying? I am definitely one of them that will look at it, especially for those who have sensitive skin like me! Introducing Acwell, the Korean Hanbang brand that uses tradition medicine such as licorice, papaya extract, witch hazel, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) […]

Foam or Gel Cleanser ?

Are you stuck looking for a Foam or a Gel cleanser? It can get really confusing which to choose and there is so much work to read about. Fret not, here is a short description for you to understand! In our daily skincare routine, cleanser is the first step facial care product that remove dirts, […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Traditional Grain Syrup Mask Series

Hey Y’all!! For this week’s post, i’m gonna be talking about one of my MUST HAVE’s step of skincare. That is SHEET FACE MASKS! For all my sisters and brothers out there who loves the idea of not having to wash off a mask after 10-20mins, I GOT YOU. LOL I’ve tried the Acwell Sheet […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Sensitive Skincare 4-Step Routine

Hello Lovelies! I’m back with more skincare reviews because my skin has been so stressed lately that it’s been going crazy. So I turn to my beloved skincare helpers to get my skin under control and nurse it back to it’s normal health. LOL! What an intro right? Hahaha. Ok without further ado, let me […]

HOLY GRAIL: Setting Spray

There’s a cosmetic product has changed my life and that product is SETTING SPRAY!! I’ve only started using setting spray a couple years ago and it has become a holy grail! I can never leave the house without spraying at least one coat of setting spray over my makeup for the day… and let me […]

Color Correcting 101

Hey ya’ll! I’m back again with a really fun article today! We’re gonna dive into the magical makeup world of color! What is the key to creating beautiful makeup looks that have a good balance and harmony between colors? All professional makeup artists would tell you that it’s crucial to understand how colors work… so […]\

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Slip Melting Rouge

I’m so excited to finally be sharing my thoughts on one of our newest lip products, Giverny’s Slip Melting Rogue! Giverny Slip Melting Rouge’s special “melting” formula will surprise you by how effortlessly it glides on your lips. Just one swipe is enough to deposit full and vivid pigment! However, if you are a […]I’m so excited to finally be sharing my thoughts on one of our newest lip products, Giverny’s Slip Melting Rogue!


Hello Lovelies! I’m back and as mentioned in my previous post, I’m gonna be sharing with you about some products with Prickly Pear Seed Oil in them. In this post I’m gonna tell you about Huxley’s Cream; Fresh And More & Anti Gravity. Let’s start with the Huxley Cream;Fresh and More.  This is perfect for […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Acwell Dermild Airy Sun Control Stick

Hey everybody~ I’m back again with a review on our newest addition to our sun protection product family, Acwell’s Dermild Airy Sun Control Stick! SPF is an extremely important step in our daily skincare routine that shouldn’t be overlooked — Click here to read all about sun protection! Liquid and spray/mist sunscreen formulas will still remain […]


Hi everyone! Hope your week has been going well J In today’s post, I’m gonna be sharing with you about the goodness of PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL. If you’ve never heard of it or have vaguely hear about it here and there, you might want to stick around for this one! Don’t worry, I’ll keep […]

Best 3 DIY Egg Face Masks

Happy Fry-day everyone! I’m so egg-cited with share about the wonders of EGG! There are so many different kinds of face masks you can make with eggs! Today, I’ll be sharing 3 DIY mask recipes that are my personal favourites to do at home because they’re super duper quick & easy to make with minimal […]

MACQUEZA REVIEW: Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask

  Hello Lovelies!! Today i’m gonna talk about the Pink Fruity Mask by Half Moon Eyes, so BE EXCITED. We all love a good mask -especially one that smells and look nice on top of all that beneficial stuff for the skin-, can’t deny that. So what is this Pink Fruity Mask all about […]

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