MACQUEZA REVIEW: Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask



Hello Lovelies!!

Today i’m gonna talk about the Pink Fruity Mask by Half Moon Eyes, so BE EXCITED. We all love a good mask -especially one that smells and look nice on top of all that beneficial stuff for the skin-, can’t deny that.

So what is this Pink Fruity Mask all about and why does it look so cute and attractive? I’m glad you asked!

The main, key ingredient in this product is Dragon Fruit Extract. Dragon Fruits are excellent source of Anti-Oxidants thanks to their high level of Vitamin C content! They’re also known as oasis in the deserts due to high volume of water content. If you didn’t get that, it basically means they’re good for improving dullness and hydrating your skin.


Okay, so what will this mask do for my skin? I got you sis.

Benefits of this mask:
Removes sebum, impurities & tightens pores
– Smooth application provides your skin with nutrients & moisture
– Even after washing it off after 10mins, it locks in moisture so your skin won’t feel dry!
– Exfoliating particles smoothens out dry & dull looking skin (Gives your skin a glow!)
– Cooling effect & visible pore tightening after washing off!

So basically your skin will be looking CUTE & TIGHT(just your pores, chill) after using this mask!

Now how do you use this? Pretty easy and hygienic gurl.

1. Open up your product
2. Use your clean fingers OR a clean mask brush to apply a layer on your face avoiding the eye and lips area. (just enough, not too thin or thick)
3. Apply the leftovers on your neck/decollete area (yes it’s usable on places other than your face)
4. Wait about 10mins Or till your mask is dried (You may feel tingling sensations, this is normal)
5. Gently wash it off with warm water. As your washing it off, massage your face in circular motions so the particles will break and exfoliate your skin as well!


My tips while your using this mask:
*When applying, be gentle as you don’t want to break the particles meant for exfoliating your skin when your washing it off.
*ALWAYS do a small patch test on the side of your face or neck to ensure your skin doesn’t have any adverse reaction to the product.



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