Hi everyone! Hope your week has been going well J In today’s post, I’m gonna be sharing with you about the goodness of PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL. If you’ve never heard of it or have vaguely hear about it here and there, you might want to stick around for this one!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep the wiki about it brief. We’re gonna call this Prickly Pear Seed Oil, ‘P’ for short. So WHAT this oil? HOW is this oil even formed? Alright, P is a member of the cactus family and the oil is extracted through the seeds that’s on the plants.

Ok now the stuff you really wanna know: WHY and HOW is P good for my skin? Well in my own words, first of all this is all natural and it’s like 3x the goodness of Argan Oil. P in short helps hydrate(even oily skin needs the right kind of hydration), soothe and rejuvenate skin. It has the following and I’ve listed in short what it does for your skin. You are VERY welcome.

  • Vitamin E: Anti-Oxidant, Prevents premature aging skin
  • Vitamin K: Brightens under-eye, Evens out skintone & reduces broken capillaries.
  • Linoleic Acid (essential fatty acid): Lightens hyper-pigmentation, helps with water loss, increases moisture.
  • Oleic Acid: Helps your skin better absorb the product.
  • Palmitic Acid: Anti-Oxidant, Healing properties, Aid’s sensitivity of skin.
  • Reduces fine lines, Calms redness, Helps relieve sunburn, Moisturising yet soothing on the skin.

P is so cool that it was even used as a medical treatment for healing, burns, asthma and many other health conditions! Still being used in native areas around the world.

It’s great for ALL skin types even dermatitis/eczema. That being said, it is always good to do a small patch test before using it on a large area.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing my favourite PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL infused products! Hint: Huxley *hehe*

Have a great weekend yall!


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