MACQUEZA REVIEW: Giverny Slip Melting Rouge

I’m so excited to finally be sharing my thoughts on one of our newest lip products, Giverny’s Slip Melting Rouge! 💄



Giverny Slip Melting Rouge’s special “melting” formula will surprise you by how effortlessly it glides on your lips. Just one swipe is enough to deposit full and vivid pigment! However, if you are a fan of matte lipsticks (like me) take note that this lipstick is a little bit more to the creamy side that has a little sheen finish!

With long-lasting, smooth and creamy texture. Not only is the Slip Melting Rouge extra comfortable and moisturising for the lips, it also has tight adherence that will resist wear and smudging throughout the day.

These lipsticks are super versatile and you can apply them in many different ways to achieve the look that you want. An application that is popular these days in the K-beauty world is the “Gradient” lip; where you apply it from the inner center of the lips and spread it slightly to give a gradient effect. The gradient effect usually helps to create a more youthful, innocent look with a “just bitten”effect.

Another type of application would be the classic full lip. Full lips usually give a more dramatic and bold effect. In addition, the creamy formulas allow you to mix different shades too! ☺️


Now on to the fun part, shades and swatches!! 💋

Giverny’s Slip Melting Rouge has a range of 5 wearable shades,



Here’s how the swatches look in natural lighting,

*Swatches from left to right
#01 True Red
#02 Maxi Orange
#03 Polish Pink
#04 Dazzling Pink
#05 Sensual Coral

* Note: shades may not be 100% accurate due to the quality the gif image!!


More swatches demonstrating the two different kinds
of applications I mentioned earlier — gradient and full lip 💋



Honestly I was initially an avid user of matte lipsticks but these lipsticks changed my mind and I’m now a new fan of creamy lipsticks and I prefer using cream-finished lipsticks for everyday now. Giverny’s Slip Melting Rouge truly boast a high colour pay-off with a semi-glossy finish that glide on smoothly and is extremely hydrating on the lips! Give them a try! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!



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