Color Correcting 101

Hey ya’ll! I’m back again with a really fun article today! We’re gonna dive into the magical makeup world of color!

What is the key to creating beautiful makeup looks that have a good balance and harmony between colors? All professional makeup artists would tell you that it’s crucial to understand how colors work… so this where the color wheel comes in!


But don’t worry.. you don’t have to be a professional to create pretty and color-balanced makeup looks! So today, we will not go in-depth about color theory, but rather… we will be focusing purely on color correction!


You’ve probably seen it everywhere! You may have seen your favorite Beauty Youtubers or Bloggers talking about it. Color correcting is a trend that has always been popular and practiced! But what exactly is color correcting used for?

Color correcting is a technique that Makeup artists use different products such as primers, powders, concealers or creams to correct issues with your skintone. Color correctors are used to temporarily conceal wide range of skin imperfections or issues such as acne scars, discolouration, rosacea, redness, dark circles, dark spots, etc…

The most common color correcting products you’ll find in the market today usually come in 8 colors in the market today: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Purple/Lavender, Pale Pink and Peach.


Here’s a little cheat sheet on color correction that I made for your easy reference and understanding on how color correction works! 🙂


I hope this was useful, have fun trying out color correcting! Happy makeup-ing! 🙂




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