All The Things You Need To Know About The #60SecondRule

Before you ask: no, the 60 second rule has nothing to do with dropping your food and picking it up within 60 seconds so you can continue eating it like nothing happened.

So, what’s the 60 second rule actually about?

It started with a beautician telling her online followers the benefits to cleansing your face for 60 seconds. She said that this method will help to soften the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better. That’s not all, your skin texture and overall evenness of your skin will also improve.

The reasoning behind this method is that this actually helps your cleanser to break down and dissolve product and grime. When it’s put this way, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Like all things, the best things come with patience! Drastic before and after results can only be achieved after a few months, so don’t expect all your forehead bumps to disappear after a few washes.


Other than breaking down all the makeup, dirt and oil on your skin after a long day, this method also helps to stimulate circulation as it acts as a facial massage. Trust me, your skin will thank you as this will help to keep your skin look young, smooth, firm…you get it, all the good stuff.

This new rule has the beauty community on social media buzzing. There were lots of testimonials on Twitter singing praises of this method. However, for my girls out there who unfortunately inherited acne genes (yes, there is a gene for acne), this method won’t be of much help for you.


For my first experience using the 60 second rule, I am definitely more conscious of which areas I’m washing and which areas I have to wash more. It’s a bit time consuming, especially when I’m used to spending 30 seconds to wash my face. But I have realized the areas that I need to pay more attention to such as the edges of my nose and the area of my hairline.

To show you guys the difference for a week, I have sacrifice myself and took a super close up and unflattering image of my bare face. Please prepare yourself mentally for a disturbing close-up shot of my pores and acne scars.


I’ll see you same day next week for an update on this cleansing method and see if it really works!

P/s: keep in mind that this method may not work on you because like everything else, nothing is universal.

Till next time!




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