I Put Acwell AC-Defence Ampule to the test against Two Other Brands

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Before I tell you what the test conclude, I just want to say…I have zero expectations going into this. 

For those who are as clueless as me on face mist, here is a quick summary just for you & for those who are always keeping up with the trend, you can just skip to my review! 

Face mist is created to give your skin a little TLC during the middle of the day when your skin feels dry and dull. It can help to refresh your makeup and revive your complexion as well! 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, some people are skeptical of the effectiveness of a face mist. If you are one of them…

So, for this to be a fair comparison, I have chosen 3 that have similar purpose & properties. 

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I have always been curious about face mist but never really took the plunge to try simply because I thought that mist was only for dry skin and my skin is never dry since I have really oily skin. 

My first impression of face mist kind of went downhill when I gave it a go a few years ago. I forgot the exact brand but I remember the feeling having water droplets falling down on my face. 

But since I have zero experience in face mist, this review will be a very honest & unbiased review. 

To make this review as partial and organized as possible, I decided to review them in this order: 

  1. smell 
  2. Mist particles


If you are sensitive to smell like I am, you’re welcome. 

Avène has a very faint smell of medicine but honestly, I only noticed the smell because I am very particular and sensitive to smell. If you are not, it’s pretty much unnoticeable. 

For Neclar, it has a mild but pleasant aloe vera smell which I don’t really quite mind it as I thought I would. But a contributing factor would be that I used aloe vera to calm my sensitive skin so I’m already used to it. 

Last but not least, Acwell. It has a pleasant smell as well. But its fragrance smells more organic compared to Neclar. Which makes sense since Acwell infuse Korean oriental herbs in their key ingredients. 

My personal favourite has to be Avène. For the most part, I prefer my skincare products to smell like nothing instead of having a fragrance. 

Mist particles 

For Avène, you can see that the mist particles are not that small as it produced big water droplets. I have to manually tap it in to help my skin better absorb. 

For Neclar, I realised that it produces the most water droplets. Same as Avène, you have to manually tap it into your skin. 

For Acwell, I can tell right from the start that their particles are the finest as I don’t have to tap it in manually. From the video, you can tell that it was almost absorb immediately and there weren’t any droplets produced. 

My personal favourite is, of course, Acwell.

Final thoughts

If I ever got into face mist, I would definitely go for Acwell AC-Defence Ampule. Although I would prefer not having any fragrance at all, I don’t mind overlooking it as the end product is what I look for in a face mist. 

Thank you for reading till the end!

P/s: If there is any products you wish to see me review and hear my thoughts on, leave a comment down below!

Till next time. 😉



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