Clean Beauty: A New Standard In Beauty Industry

You heard of sustainable fashion, now make way for clean beauty. Once again, millennials and Gen Zs are leading a new standard in the beauty industry. 

More and more brands are becoming more transparent because of millennials and Gen Zs. The conversation on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle was only because it started as a trend. But whether or not it is here to stay, it is still too early to say. Despite that, it is a right step in the destination we hoped to end up. 

What is clean beauty?

Honestly, it depends on what is your definition of clean and what you can accept. But generally, when brand uses “clean” it basically means that their ingredients came from nature without any additional chemicals we don’t need such as parabens. 

For those who already took an extra step and is dabbling into a more sustainable lifestyle, this shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment for you.

If you are looking to having a sustainable lifestyle, don’t throw out all of your beauty products and buy new ones. (that is literally the exact opposite of a sustainable lifestyle.)

What does adopting clean beauty means?

A huge part of being sustainable begins at reducing as much waste as possible. So, naturally, if you want to go into clean beauty, the first thing you should look into is how much of their packaging can be recycled. Look under your plastic bottles, if it’s labelled 1 or 2 it is definitely recyclable. If it is not recyclable, think of other ways you can re-purpose it. 

A tell-tale sign of a company wanting to adopt more sustainable lifestyle is reducing a redundant amount of plastic packaging in their products or getting rid of plastic packaging entirely and replacing plastic bottles with glass ones. 

Another crucial but mostly overlook part is to read their ingredients list. I don’t know about you but I can’t be bothered to read because I find it too tiring. And because of all the chemical names. But it’s definitely a habit everyone should adopt. 

If you zone out when there are too much words like me, here are some ingredients you must avoid: 

  1. Parabens
  2. Mineral oils
  3. Silicones
  4. Sulphates

Those listed above are the ones you may have to pay more attention to and of course, there are more because as we all know, skincare is the most complicated thing to figure out. 

Consumers always have to be alert simply because when a trend starts, it becomes a marketing tactic for every beauty company. And because nobody bothers enough to read it, they get away with it. 

If consumers are beginning to be more aware of what companies are putting into their products, they have to be more upfront about it and not just squeeze a paragraph of font size 10 to one corner of the packaging. 


Personally, I do see myself going sustainable at some point. Not in the foreseeable future though. I have just started making some basic sustainable changes such as opting out of plastic utensils when eating in, bringing recyclable bags, using metal straws instead of plastic ones.

I do definitely feel pressurise to adopt better lifestyle habits because of the internet, duh. However, I do feel that it is 100% a personal choice. 

Till next time! 


Claudia 😉

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