MACQUEZA REVIEW: Using Acwell Super Spot Clear For A Week

I know I just uploaded a blogpost review on the acwell super spot clear but on my previous post, I only had the chance to use it for a few days so the before vs after wasn’t very obvious. 

So, I decided to use it a bit longer this time round. Mainly because my pimples were much more stubborn and irritated compared to the previous times. 

Just in case, you didn’t read the previous post, I’m just gonna sum it up for you:

  1. I loved it 
  2. The most drastic difference can be seen from my forehead 

But for the other pimples on my cheeks, I definitely needed a few more days of treatments to completely get rid of it. 

Here are the before pictures:

Here are my after pictures:

After a few more days of using it, I can definitely feel the difference more than I can see it. Visually, there is a slight improvement. The pimples became a dark red colour instead of it being very red and noticeable. However, texture wise, it has definitely stop swelling and it is almost flat now. It also doesn’t hurt or isn’t as sensitive around the areas of my breakouts. 

Here are some tips that I learn are what helped my skin to heal better and faster:

  1. Double cleanse your face everyday – even on days when you don’t wear makeup
  2. Wear sunscreen everyday – even when you are at home
  3. Less is more – in this case, less makeup 
  4. Be patient 
  5. Apply face mask everyday

What I would say to definitely not do is not to pick your pimples or be stressed out. I think these 2 are the most important ones. 

Picking your pimples may be the easiest way to get rid of your pimples but dealing with post-acne pigmentations is much much worse than dealing with pimples (in my opinion). 

 See you next week! 



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